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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore questions we frequently receive about buying followers and likes on Instagram.

  • Of course! We hate waiting, and we're sure you do too. Plus, we know that the best time to attract more viewers is in when your video is first uploaded, and our goal is to help you out. So we won't make you wait. As soon as you upload your video, buy Instagram views and we'll deliver them instantly. This is also a great way for Instagram users and marketers to get new followers too!

  • Absolutely not. Your password is completely confidential. All we require is your Instagram profile username.

  • You may buy Instagram Followers as many times as required as long as your orders do not surpass 100,000 followers within a 30 day time frame.

  • You may buy Instagram likes many times as required as long as your orders do not surpass 100,000 likes within a 30 day time frame.

  • We offer only a high-quality, real views service. Some of our competitors resort to techniques such as robots, or computer codes to keep their costs low. We'd never do that to you! When you buy Instagram views from us, we provide you with the best views money can buy. We're proud to offer both quality and quantity.

  • Please ensure the following criteria are met before placing an order to secure a successful delivery.

    • Your Instagram account is set to public.
    • You have typed in the correct Instagram username.
    • You have not changed your Instagram username before the order’s completion.
    • The account or post, still exists and has not been deleted.
    • The video follows Instagram’s guidelines and has not been restricted or removed.
    • Allow 24 hours for completion of order delivery.

    If you have experienced an issue with the delivery of your order, please contact our support team for assistance at 
    [email protected]
    or you can chat with us at the bottom right of the website.

  • We don’t need much — just your username.

    We will never ask for your password or any personal or private information about your account.

  • When you place an order, our system automatically begins assigning you followers. In order to prevent a dramatic influx of followers that could trigger Instagram's spam detection, we roll out your new followers over a couple of days. The rate of dishing out new followers depends on the size of your current audience.

    The more followers you have, the faster we can roll out your order. Most rollouts are complete within 48 hours after your purchase.

  • We offer several different packages to fit your brand’s unique marketing goals and budget.

  • Occasionally Instagram will delete accounts that users mark as spam. This causes follower counts to drop all across Instagram. Sometimes it impacts our customers, sometimes it doesn't. If you experience drops within first 30 days of your purchase, we will happily refill your followers in accordance with our free refill policy.

  • Instagram likes aren't just a vanity metric — the number of likes you get directly affects Instagram's core algorithm. The more likes and engagement your content has, the more people you're going to reach.

    Buying likes is the single best way of boosting your presence on social media — earning you more recognition, more followers, and ultimately, more conversions.

    The more likes a photo or video receives, the higher the chance of reaching the explore page — opening you up to millions of new viewers.

    Likes also serve as social proof for viewers that see your content. When a photo has a high number of likes, they're more likely to engage with it further. Buying likes is a good way to catalyze this interaction — boosting the organic engagement your content is capable of throughout its lifetime.

  • No, our system is 100% safe and will not get your account banned or disabled. Not one of our thousands of customers has ever been banned as a result of using any of our services


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